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Frank Tang

Frank Tang

Senior Coach

Personal trainer Frank has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 3 years. In this time Frank has changed the lives of many of his clients and has kept himself highly educated, having completed qualifications from the Boutagy Fitness Institute and Precision Nutrition.

His journey into the fitness industry began as a chubby teenager, low in self confidence and motivation. After signing up at a gym and completing his first few visits Frank was hooked.  The gym and change in lifestyle was a turning point in his life. As Franks strength levels increased his fat levels decreased and his self confidence grew.  Frank fell so in love with health and fitness his decided to make it his career and help others find happiness and confidence as he did. 

Frank is truly a rarity in the fitness industry. He is young, passionate, invested in his clients and operates as a true coach. He passion for doing things the right way involves building his clients from the ground up, perfecting movement patterns, correcting imbalances and working on weak links.

Frank constantly over delivers on service and ensures his clients are getting the best when they work with him. His knowledge, watchful eyes, attention to detail and lateral thinking have seen him quickly progress into the amazing coach he is today. We have no doubt that Frank will achieve amazing things in the industry.