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About Us

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"We don't just transform bodies. We transform lives'

About Us

Brooks Performance is an elite personal training and nutrition service. We work with busy Sydney professionals to improve their health and fitness and get them looking and performing at their best. We cut through the industry fluff to maximise our clients’ time in the gym, integrating proven, no-nonsense programming and nutrition solutions into their busy schedule and active lifestyle.

We inspire, train, educate and empower our clients in all facets of health, nutrition and training. We truly have our clients’ best interests at heart and will do whatever it takes to help them on their journey.

Our underlying philosophy is to build a solid foundation of raw strength and work capacity. We support this level of conditioning through high quality nutrition and lifestyle principles. Furthermore, we place considerable importance on maintaining structural balance and core strengthening. We turn our clients into resilient weapons, built for performance and ready to deal with anything that comes their way.

Our coaches all come with significant life and industry experience, having earned their stripes under the bar and in the classroom. They are here to encourage, not dictate, and work closely with clients to help uncover roadblocks to success and jointly devise solutions to overcome them.

Brooks Performance stands strong by its values and is proud to stand tall in the personal training industry where quality and performance is somewhat suspect. We pride ourselves on our unique mix of experience, sincerity, commitment to quality and ability to build & maintain real connections with our clients.

Brooks Performance Personal Training Team

Honest & Loyal

We are authentic and committed

Over Deliver

We always over deliver and work hard to exceed our clients expectations

We Lead From The Front

We walk the walk and talk the talk

Positive and Motivating

We encourage and support our clients

Our clients are our family

We are more than just coaches


We are committed to continuously developing our own knowledge and expertise to the highest level

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