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Brooks Performance’s 7 Grit Building Techniques to achieving your Ultimate Body Composition Goals

Last week we introduced the concept of Grit and identified it as the most vital characteristic for success in your health and fitness goals.

To recap, grit is the dedication towards a long-term goal and the ability to continue striving for that goal even when met with challenges & setbacks. It is cultivated by a Growth Mindset which defines talent and ability as changeable and capable of improving over time rather than being set in stone. This means that failure is not perceived as a dead end, but rather a challenge to face time and time again until success occurs.

Now it’s all good and well for us to encourage our clients to dig deep and get gritty but how exactly have we as coaches shown grit? Well let me start off with me…

At 23 years old, I was an out of shape 122kg fat kid, smoking a pack a day and on a first name basis with the staff at the local Maccas. The day I got onto a scale and the needle hit the max weight to the complete hysteria of my onlooking friends, was the day I decided enough was enough. I gave up smoking, fast food and drinking. I sought the help of professionals (trainer & nutritionist) and stuck to their advice and plans. It wasn’t easy but I wanted it so bad that I was prepared to do the work, get uncomfortable and stick to it over time. Eventually, the changes became part of my lifestyle. A lifestyle that I now love and want to share with others. 

As for senior coach Luke O’Donell, well one can only imagine the level of grit needed to participate at the highest level of the NRL for 15 years. Luke has needed extreme levels of drive and dedication as a professional athlete and has bounced back multiple times from potentially career-ending injuries over the years. Unlike other retired players who trade their boots in for a beer belly, Luke still trains and pushes himself to maintain an impressive physique and level of fitness.

Without grit, neither of us would be where we are today and for that very reason we constantly challenge our clients’ limiting beliefs and promote a grittier outlook.

We also challenge you to find your grit and have put together these techniques to help you along the way.

Brooks Performance’s 7 Principles for Building Grit:

  1. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable – the only way you are going to progress is by stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing your current ideas and boundaries. You need to work through the discomfort, realising that change is the only way to your end goal.
  2. Stop making and justifying your excuses – you’re going to run into challenges and when you do, you’ll either justify why continuing is too hard or too inconvenient or you will make it work by making small changes or taking a different approach.
  3. Have a plan – having a program to follow will ensure that you know exactly what you are doing as you walk onto the gym floor. This will maximise your time and stop you from wondering around aimlessly and losing focus and motivation.
  4. Keep Showing up – even if you’re not feeling it, come do what you can. Continuous commitment trumps sporadic efforts.
  5. Find your Why – connect emotionally with what is at stake if you don’t achieve your fitness goals. Dig deep and figure out your true driving force.
  6. Pace Yourself – realise this is a marathon, not a sprint. Do something to move in the right direction every day and measure your progress regularly to help break the journey into small steps. In the face of short-term setbacks, if you visualise the finish line as far ahead, you will realise you still have time to pick yourself up, learn from your mistakes and continue with renewed intention.
  7. Rip in – You’re only in the gym for one hour. For that hour, leave your baggage at the door and get stuck in.

So there you have it.

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