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Performance Nutrition

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Performance Nutrition

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Evidence Based

Performance Nutrition

Performance nutrition and training are intimately related. You cannot provide good information on one aspect without knowing the other.  Performance nutrition is its own unique field that requires academic and real-world specialisation and training.

 Brooks Performance offers bespoke nutrition programing to ensure you perform at your best.  We develop each nutrition program based on the individual needs and goals of the client. Our programs work in conjunction with your training regime with focus on optimising recovery and enhancing physical and cognitive performance.

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Evidence Based Supplemntation

It is not surprising that many of our clients come to us confused and overwhelmed by the supplements on the market. We are bombarded with supplements that claim to enhance performance or body composition. Truth be told most of these supplements are garbage and are nothing more than burn your hard earned cash. There are really only a handful of supplements out there that will increase performance and enhance body composition. To keep you informed we stay in touch with the latest research in evidence-based supplement recommendations.


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Nutrition Programing

That Works

All of our clients are given access to expert nutrition programing to complement their training and get them on their way to results fast. We can provide nutrition programing to enhance sporting performance, lose body fat, gain muscle and improve one’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Our programing is evidence based and works around your lifestyle, likes and dislikes. We use the nutrition software ‘Nutritics’ to prepare your plan and only prescribe sensible and sustainable recommendations that improve overall health. In addition to body composition improvements, many of our clients also experience an increase in energy and general well being on commencing our program. 

Our in house nutritionist Rhys is a registered sports nutritionist with the International Society Of Sports Nutrition and holds their CISSN qualification. He is also currently studying the Precision Nutrition qualification.

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Increased Energy and Brain Power

Working with 100’s of busy professionals over the years, it became apparent that energy production and focus are a big problem for many. Long work hours, stress, poor sleep, lack of exercise, gut health and sub-optimal nutrition are just some of the contributing factors preventing our clients from taking their game to the next level. 

Through our expert knowledge of supplementation, nutrition and functional diagnostic nutrition we have been able to help out many of our clients with low energy levels, nutrient deficiencies, poor concentration, depression, PMS, sleep issues and gut disorders.

Our investigations into a client’s health will start with lifestyle and nutritional analysis before venturing into lab testing. However when we do we are fortunate have access to one of Australia’s top labs, Nutri-Path Integrative Pathology Testing. 

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