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We don't just transform bodies. We transform lives.

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Our Service Is Built On These Principles

1. We lead from the front
2. We are honest and loyal to our clients
3. We always over deliver
4. We provide a positive and motivating atmosphere every time clients are with us
5. We pride ourselves on being more than just coaches/trainers. Our clients are our family.
6. We are committed to continuously developing our own knowledge and expertise to the highest level
7. We endeavor to be regarded and respected as industry experts and leaders in our field
8. We don’t just transform bodies, we transform lives

Results Driven

Personal Training

We have forged the finest strength training and body composition methods from across the globe to bring you the most effective personal training money can buy. Boutagy, Poliquin, FMA, CHEK, UKSCA and FMS are just some of the highly respected methodologies we utilise in our training.

Other than obliterating stubborn fat and building serious muscle, a Brooks Performance Strength and Conditioning program will also increase testosterone, improve blood sugar regulation, reduce blood pressure, correct postural imbalances and reduce chronic pain. Not to mention its role in improving sleep and increasing energy levels.

Evidence Based

Performance Nutrition

Brooks Performance offers bespoke nutrition programming to ensure you perform at your best. We develop each nutrition program based on your individual needs and goals. Our programs work in conjunction with your training regime with focus on optimising recovery, enhancing physical and cognitive performance and attaining optimal body composition.


Body Composition Assesment

At Brooks Performance we avoid using weight as a measurement of body composition and indicator of health. We believe body fat percentage is a much better measurement for this, as the more fat tissue you have, the harder it becomes for your body to perform basic functions. As such, we’re not interested in weight loss but rather focus on fat loss.

If you want to determine what body fat percentage you are, book in an assessment with one of our coaches and from there, we can determine what percentage you should be and what to do in order to get there.

Evidenced Based Protocols

Periodised Programming

Assessment and Re-Assessment


Corrective Exercise

Results Driven

Educated and Experienced

Individualised Approach

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