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Client Testimonials

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Ryan Welsh

“A big thanks to Rhys and the team at Brooks Performance. Rhys has helped me to achieve my body composition goals as part of a body transformation challenge that I’ve just completed. He provided me with individualised training and nutritional strategies that were monitored closely and adjusted as necessary. Rhys was methodical and encouraging in his approach and has a wealth of knowledge into training, nutrition, and supplementation and I highly recommend him and the team at Brooks Performance.”


Financial Trader

Abel Smith

“Rhys helped me overcome long standing injuries that physios had called chronic, initially helping me with rehab, then prehab, before helping me get back into shape and then progressing beyond that to work out harder than ever before. The advice on all aspects of training from technique, tempo, nutrition and more have all combined to allow me to reach my goals and then reassess and reach higher still”


Alex Downes

“I had no idea what I was in store for when I originally signed up with the guys at Brooks Performance. I truly am amazed at the transformation I was able to achieve with their help. Through their prescribed training and nutrition protocols I have managed to completely overhaul my body and am now a completely different person.  I now feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. If you are serious about results would highly recommend training with Brooks Performance. 


Campaign Manager

Jessica Schultz

“I always loved the gym and thought I was in pretty good shape, but looking back on the photos – how wrong was I!! Rhys introduced me to serious training – no more pushing 3 or 4 kg weights like most other girls. He pushed me to new limits and each time I picked up a heavier weight, I felt inspired to push harder. But the biggest impact Rhys has made on my life is on my health. When I first started seeing Rhys I used to suffer from recurrent throat infections, UTIs and cold sores. I was always on anti-biotics! Rhys knew I had to restore my health before even considering changing my body shape. Through the interpretation of various tests he had me undergo, Rhys established that I was severely nutrient deficient and through a vigorous nutrition and supplementation plan, I can honestly say that I have not been on anti-biotics for over three years and never get sick. I am fitter, stronger, healthier & happier thanks to Rhys helping me see the light when it comes to training, nutrition and overall health.”

Recruitment Consultant

Guiseppe Marchesani

“After a frustrating few months of working with an ‘expert’ trainer and getting nowhere, I sought the services of Brooks Performance on the recommendation of my boss. From the first session I knew I had been doing everything wrong with my previous trainer. Rhys was a guru; he put together a comprehensive nutritional and training program for me that still allowed some flexibility. The intensity of the sessions were something else, I left the sessions feeling wrecked but on a high from accomplishing new PBs and levels of intensity. Brooks Performance has taught me so much – nutrient timing, supplementation, carb cycling. I will continue to apply his methods to my training and nutrition. I am so grateful that I came across Rhys, if it were not for him I would still be getting nowhere.”

School Teacher

David Remmington

“I would highly recommend the boys at Brooks Performance. I have always trained hard and eaten well but have made great progress using their advanced nutrition and strength programing. Their personalised and professional approach is what sets them apart from your run of the mill trainer.  Do yourself favor and get involved.

Marketing and Business Development

Clare Milsom

Having never picked up a weight before I was extremely nervous about training with the guys at Brooks Performance. 1yr on and I now have the confidence to lift heavy and push myself to my limits. The guys are all so supportive and encouraging. I could not have achieved the body I have without their help and am very happy with the the transformation I have made. I highly recommend training with them. 

Entertainer and Model

Phil Gibbs

“Rhys was my go to guy when I was prepping for my fitness modeling portfolio shoot. His tips and tweaks to my training, diet and supplementation made all the difference in getting me to fitness model standard and securing my modeling contract with MMG model management in New York”


Amy Murrell

“During the time that I trained with Brooks Performance, my well being, physical strength and attitude to exercise and nutrition completely changed. Their knowledge of nutrition and also supplements, transformed my diet and in turn, my well being. In response to physical symptoms that I was experiencing, he suggested I have an Organic Acids test. This showed deficiency in some areas – Rhys then worked out a series of further tests and supplements to support these issues. Six months later, I felt like a different person. This impacted not only on my general well being, but my ability to train harder in the gym. I weigh 54kg and pulled a 90kg deadlift on our last training session together!! Rhys is as professional, as he is knowledgable, kind and good humoured. I wish him every success in the future, and believe he would be an enormous asset to any gym.”

Professional DJ

Guy Herman

“Whilst touring the UK I had the privilege of meeting Rhys and subsequently signed up for a 8 week intense training package. I had always trained so I thought I knew what I was doing but Rhys took it to a whole new level. His in-depth knowledge on all aspects of health and fitness inspired me to completely re-evaluate my lifestyle. He helped me understand the importance of getting enough sleep and his advice and guidance led to changes in my shopping basket – no more living off energy drinks and toasted cheese sandwiches. He pushed my body to new limits and made me a stronger human being – mentally & physically.”

Building Mananger

Jacques Van Rooyen

“I had been training on my own for many years, getting lean but loosing muscle in the process. I would also experience large weight rebounds when I relaxed my training or diet a little, the body fat seemed to pile back on. Sick of this yo-yo dieting and wanting to look in great shape for my 40th, I got hold of Rhys. Straightaway Rhys could see I was cutting my calories too severely and I was doing way too much cardio. He changed my nutrition and training radically. I could not believe the change in my body composition over 10 weeks. I now feel fitter and look better than I did when I was 20!!!”

Personal Trainer

Cristiane Mior

“I initially hired Rhys to help me with my nutrition, however after our first meeting I knew he was not your average trainer and decided to sign up for a series of personal training sessions. It was seriously the best decision I have ever made regarding my training. Being Brazilian I was very particular with how I wanted my physique to look and Rhys helped me achieve it. If you are looking for a serious trainer who knows his stuff, Rhys is your man.”

Former Fat Boy

Rhys Brooks

“Over 6 years I transformed myself from a blubbery 120kg+ and took myself to a lean and athletic 98kg @ 8% body fat. I have lived the journey. I have experienced first hand and have a real appreciation for the challenges and emotions that go with transforming ones body and lifestyle”

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At Brooks Performance we assure your investment with this simple promise. Follow your training and nutrition program completely for your first 10 weeks and in the unlikely event you do not achieve the agreed result, we will not only give your money back, we will train you for free until you do.

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