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The internet and social media were abuzz earlier this month when Web Developer Madalyn Parker posted the response from her CEO when she emailed giving notice that she would be taking two days of sick leave due to mental health reasons. Her CEO’s Response: “I use (your email) as a reminder of the importance of...
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Brooks Performance’s 7 Grit Building Techniques to achieving your Ultimate Body Composition Goals Last week we introduced the concept of Grit and identified it as the most vital characteristic for success in your health and fitness goals. To recap, grit is the dedication towards a long-term goal and the ability to continue striving for that...
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Over the years we have had hundreds of clients and a lot of them have failed in their fitness/body composition goals, even the ones with the best intentions at the get go. It plays out like a predictable story line – client comes in pumped and eager to get stuck in. And they do. They...
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