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Guy Herman Transformation

Guy Herman

ClientGuy Herman
TrainingHypertrophy / Fat Loss
NutritionGood Nutrition / High Protein / No Calorie Counting

A great transformation from client Guy Herman. When Guy first came to see us, he was training hard but not seeing the results he deserved. After an evaluation of his nutrition, lifestyle and training we were able to come up with a plan that saw him build a tonne of muscle and drop body fat. One of the biggest changes we made to Guys plan was his lifestyle. As a professional DJ Guy had developed a habit of staying up all night, getting to bed at 3am most nights, seeing little quality sleep. On our advice Guy started to get to bed by 10pm and slept solid for 8hrs apart from weekends when he DJ’ed. This alone made a massive impact on his body composition, plus gave him much more energy for his training sessions.